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The Edge

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 High school matters. Your decisions and achievements in these years determine your college choices. More importantly, they determine the type of person you will be.

Personal Development

The Edge is a four-year program that gives you the practical, intellectual and moral foundation to be a man of character. Through a combination of seminars, one-on-one mentoring, interactive sessions, and career presentations by successful professionals, it helps you develop the skills and attitudes necessary to be effective in college and later on as a father, a professional, and a citizen. The Edge is also an opportunity for personal development through the interaction with teachers, staff, and other motivated students who seek to make the most of their lives. From these dealings will come quality friendships that many times extend well beyond the high school years.


Each student is assigned a mentor who will meet individually with him each month. The mentor will help a student find practical and useful applications of the material presented at the seminars.

The Edge will challenge you to take responsibility for shaping your own life. Facing this responsibility in high school is the key for success both in college and in the larger commitments that come afterwards.
Structure of the Program
The sessions will consist of:
  • A Presentation (see topics below)
  • An interactive activity aimed at building critical thinking, communication skills and teamwork.
  • Monthly one-on-one mentoring that focuses on setting goals and tracking progress will take place in between sessions, by appointment. Mentoring will take place at either Tekesta or Kingsland (located in Delray Beach). Appointments are made online at www.tekesta.org.
The Curriculum is organized in a two-year cycle that alternates from year to year between Big Decisions (2016-2017) and Making the Most of High School (2017-2018).


The Edge Professional Seminar prepares Juniors and Seniors for the practical choices they will need to make in college and in professional life. It also helps students develop the character traits needed to make wise choices and carry them out effectively. The Seminar is also an opportunity to develop the habits of effective speaking and critical thinking essential for success in college and the workplace.
Structure of the Program
• Big Ideas Seminar
• Professional Career Presentation
• Mentoring
The Big Ideas Seminar is organized in a two-year cycle that alternates from year to year between the virtues which strengthen students to face the challenges of high school and college life (2016-2017) and the philosophical and ethical issues which currently dominate college campuses, both inside and outside the classroom (2017-18).


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