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The Edge – FAQ

What is the goal of The Edge?

The Edge helps High School students set directions in life. The program offers practical advice about what students can do now to have a positive impact on their future lives.

What can high school students do now that is so important?

High school students should begin thinking about the great tasks awaiting them in life: forming a family, serving society through professional work, and developing friendships with colleagues, neighbors, and (most of all) God. The ideas internalized in high school, the decisions made, and the achievements sought after will affect the type of father, professional, and friend they will be. The Edge helps students see their high school years in the light of their entire life and to make good choices.

How will The Edge prepare students to make good choices?

High school students make important choices, often without realizing their long-term consequences: for instance, selection of goals for high school (or a lack of selection); attitude towards study; choice of close friends; relationships with girls; mind-set toward authority; basis of one’s happiness; etc. The Edge helps students think through these ideas before they are faced with important decisions.  The Edge also encourages students to pursue achievements which develop them as persons: for instance, academic excellence, extracurricular activities, leadership skills, summer jobs, career orientation, service-based endeavors, etc.

Will all this be covered in one year?

No. The Edge is a four-year program. The first year covers the “Big Achievements” that can be pursued in high school. The second year reviews the “Big Ideas, Big Decisions” of high school. The third and four year covers a number of character traits (virtues) that will enable them to accomplish worthwhile goals throughout their lives.

When are the seminars held?

On the third Saturday of each month (starting September 2016)

How will each seminar be run?

The first half of each seminar consists of a class presentation by a professional. This is followed by an interactive skill-development activity. One-on-one mentoring takes place in between session, by appointment.

What does the mentoring involve?

The staff of Tekesta Study Center act as mentors. The purpose of the mentoring is to guide students in finding practical applications of the principles taught in the classes. A mentor is like a coach who teaches, challenges and encourages students to reach their best. Specifically, he helps students set goals that are important and practical. In an ongoing way, he helps students track their progress toward these goals. For the sake of continuity the mentor will try to maintain contact with students in between sessions.

What else does the seminar offer?

The Edge provides motivated student an opportunity for personal development not only through interaction with experienced teachers and staff, but also through dealings with high-caliber students from other high schools who are trying to make the most of their life. From these dealings will come quality friendships that will many times extend well beyond the high school years.

Can a student sign up for the course even though he cannot attend every session?

Yes, but we strongly encourage attendance to every session.

What is meant when it says that Tekesta entrusts the Christian orientation of its activities to Opus Dei?

Tekesta’s activities are based on a Christian view of life that recognizes the dignity of the human person, the inherent goodness of the created world, the value of human work, and the God-given moral law. In both the professional activities such as The Edge and spiritual activities like retreats, recollections, and doctrine classes, Opus Dei ensures that a true Christian spirit is present. Opus Dei is an institution of the Catholic Church whose mission is to help people find God in and through the circumstances of their ordinary life.

Should students let their friends know about The Edge?

Yes. We encourage students to inform friends about The Edge. When friends attend the program together, they establish a means of reinforcement extending well beyond the classroom.   If students, parents and friends would like a brief presentation of the program, please call Carlos Alejano at (305) 710-2167 to make arrangements.

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